The Fellowship

The Fellowship


This is a prestigious international fellowship in medical education which is delivered by FMPHN UGM in collaboration with the FAIMER Institute in Philadelphia. The fellowship course incorporates comprehensive and intensive modules to enhance leadership and research in health professions education. Upon completion of the FRIENDSHIP FAIMER Fellowship, participants are expected to be able to:

Project Management and Evaluation

  1. Communicate project plans and achievements in a succinct manner.
  2. Develop project implementation plans, including application of strategies and concrete steps to achieve desired change.
  3. Engage in both short and long-term planning, including establishment of timelines and goals for sustaining, institutionalizing or expanding projects.
  4. Integrate leadership and management strategies into project plans.
  5. Integrate scholarship and research strategies into project plans.

Leadership and Management

  1. Apply how to utilize the strengths of leadership style strategically.
  2. Understand and lead teams and effective teamwork within a virtual and face-to-face environment.
  3. Build and lead regional/national communities of practice (COP) and participating in a global COP for improving health to meet community needs.
  4. Value and respect similarities and differences of assumptions and cultural norms across groups to effectively communicate in a multicultural learning environment.
  5. Understand effective negotiation, inquiry, dialogue and the importance of viewing the larger world through an appreciative, positive, strengths-based lens.

Educational Methods

  1. Demonstrate strategies to increase student engagement by applying learning theory and effective educational design for student and adult learners.
  2. Demonstrate assessment for learning and providing feedback to differentiate them from assessment of learning.
  3. Demonstrate learning strategy to increase active learning and student-centred learning.
  4. Implement distance education using both low-tech and high-tech approaches.

Educational Scholarship and Research

  1. Perform educational research by applying appropriate research design and methods.
  2. Develop scholarship and research based on education innovation projects.

Double Program: MHPE + FRIENDSHIP FAIMER Fellowship

This program offers a combination of Master of Medical and Health Professions Education degree and FRIENDSHIP FAIMER Fellowship upon its completion. Hence, graduates will not only become a FAIMER fellow, but will also obtain a formal master degree in medical and health professions education. The master program has three graduate profiles which are manifested in the eight learning objectives/outcomes:

To be Medical Teachers:

  1. Are able to develop a learning instruction and facilitate the learning process in a variety of settings, in the classrooms, clinics, and community settings, as well as for a variety of domains, including knowledge, skills and bioethics or professional behaviour.
  2. Are able to develop quality, efficient, and affordable learning resources.
  3. Are able to develop student-learning assessment tools that can stimulate learning.

To be Researchers in Medical Education:

  1. Are able to develop contextual learning curriculum and instruction based on problems in society.
  2. Are able to analyse and develop a quality-assurance programme of medical education and health programmes.
  3. Are able to develop educational research that can address problems in the higher education of medicine and health care professions and disseminate research outcomes in scientific forums and journals.

To be Innovators in Medical Education:

  1. Are able to develop educational innovation and plan change management that can address problems in the higher education of medicine and health care professions.
  2. Are able to plan a higher education institutions management system of medicine and health care professions.


Timeline for 2021 intake (dates to be confirmed):

Online application opens  July 2020
Application deadline October 2020
Review of applications October – 27 October 2020
Selection results announcement November 2020
Pre-institute orientation (online) December 2020 – 02 February 2020
Year 1 residency (session 1) February 2021
Year 1 distance learning-online (session 2) March 2021 – January 2022
Year 2 residency (session 3) February 2022
Year 2 distance learning-online (session 4) March 2022 – January 2023
FRIENDSHIP Fellow Graduation January 2023